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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I go to the hospital

October 26, 2007 -- e-mail to Mom

We are dressing up at school right now for the whole week before Halloween. I am a vampire -- I found the costume in our props room.

I have no voice right now. I got a cough on Sunday, and last night I lost my voice. I still had to teach 3 kids classes today though, b/c it is my parent observation week and Halloween. The little kids dress up too, and our management thought that maybe parents were taking off work to come. Tomorrow I have 6 classes. I saw a dumb doctor and he prescribed me 6 different medications (I'm not exaggerating -- I'm not taking them though...). I asked him what I should do about my classes I have to teach. He said, and I quote, "maybe you should rest?" Yes, with the question mark. I whispered (b/c I literally had no vocal chords (it goes in and out a bit, but they are pretty shot)), "yeah probably." And then instead he prescribed me a bunch of stuff. And so I still have to teach. And I had to pay for the appointment and the medication. I'm on national health insurance so I only pay 30%, but the total was around $30.00. Seriously though, he didn't ask me if I am on any medications, and he told me he was going to give me antibiotics. I've taken antibiotics with my medication before, so I was like, ok, whatever. When I asked my head teacher what all the medication were though she said, this one is an antibiotic, this one is to prevent rashes... Me: I don't have a rash. Her: maybe one of the other medicines could cause a rash. Then she said the next one is to stop flem (I don't really have too much of a flem problem). Another is to help my stomach with all the medications. These four I'm supposed to take three times a day, after meals. Then there is one I'm supposed to take twice a day for bronchitis, which I also don't have. And then he gave me one for fever and pain (which I don't have), in case I get them. And then there are some drops to suck on. Which actually, I have used. Pretty stupid, huh? I'm irritated. And when I slightly reacted to the management that it seemed like an awful lot of medicine, they are just like, well you better take it b/c that is what the doctor told you to do. They just want me to be able to teach b/c they don't want to cancel my lessons, which I do understand, but it is annoying, b/c I'm just making my voice worse. What I really need to do is not be talking. See, look at what "boogeywoogy" says.;_ylt=AjdQdODBOzl5_Bl8qnbbvttFzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070919224815AAcLrkx

Anyway, so, I'm just typing to Andy [my college friend who was visiting] and not talking. I took some ibprofin. And tomorrow, I'm just going to try to avoid talking about the medication...

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