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Monday, December 24, 2007



Video sent by KonchuX

Yoshio Kojima is a very popular up-and-coming comedian right now. He always wears a speedo in his comedy routines and starts by talking normally about a topic. He then makes a mistake and falls down in shame. He then begins his famous "dance" while chanting: "demo sonna no kanke ne, sonna no kanke ne, hai o papi," which translates to, "but that doesn't matter, that doesn't matter, yes (and then nonsense words)." Then rest of his routine rotates between him saying jokes and then doing his dance.

Many of my kids students LOVE him and imitate his dance/chant on a weekly basis...

September 9, 2007 -- e-mail to a friend

Last night we talked about the movie theaters here a little bit. Last week, I went with my Australian coworker Michelle to see Transformers. It was corny and funny. She and I were basically the only people laughing out loud. Last night at Los Amigos we were talking about that and they said the foreigners really do laugh loudly at movies and one woman did a very humorous impression where she doubled over a bit and clapped her hands. They said, more or less, I don't know, we don't laugh out loud at movies too much.

September 23, 2007 -- e-mail to friend
Yes, no sarcasm. The culture seems kinda prescribed and sarcasm would not fit.

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